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Who we are

City Uniting is a diverse community of people who, by word and action, seek to share the good news of the love of God seen in Jesus Christ. 


City Uniting is a congregation of the Uniting Church in Australia (UCA).

The values which are important to us

We try to be an inclusive community providing a place of nurture and care for people of different cultures, abilities, ages, family structures and sexual orientations.

As a congregation of the Uniting Church in Australia we aim in our worship to bring people into the presence of God, through ordered, thoughtful and innovative liturgy and scholarly interpretation of the Bible.

We foster a strong commitment to social justice and peace, in both Australia and the rest of the world.
As a city church we endeavour to serve the local community as disciples of Christ.

We aspire to live as responsible stewards of the earth and its resources, which we understand to be part of God's creation.


For more information on what we believe and stand for check out our beliefs

We have three services every Sunday. Follow the links below for more information. 


We are a church that is active within our community. Follow the links below to learn what we do and how to get involved


Follow the links below for more information on our location and how to get here


If you have any more questions feel free to email us at or visit our contact page

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