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5:30 pm 


City@Night is informal, flexible, interactive, and non-traditional, offering a variety of styles of worship services. It is interactive and free-flowing in a friendly environment and open to new ideas. Worship usually includes singing accompanied by guitar or piano and multimedia. Talks/sermons revolve around a reading or two from the bible and often include an open discussion about theology, biblical scholarship, and/or related current events.

What to Expect

When you first walk through the doors, you will find us in the foyer catching up with each other, and hopefully getting to know who you are.

We start the service by moving into the chapel and usually begin with a song. The words are on the screen if you choose to sing along.

After singing, we look at the week's bible readings and the leader of the service will share their thoughts. Usually this becomes an open discussion where everyone is free to share their thoughts or ask questions (or if you do not feel like participating, feel free to sit back and listen).

We usually end the service with a final song. Offerings (donations) to help with the running of the church are done electronically and there is no obligation for you to give.

If you have any more questions feel free to email us at ​or visit our contact page


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