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Domestic Violence
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Our Church’s Response to Domestic Violence

Violence by men against women occurs in every society throughout the world, and is present in epidemic proportions in Australia.    It takes a heavy toll on female life - a woman dies of domestic or family violence every week.

The Church finds itself in an invidious position in regard to the issue.   Historically, the Church has in its teaching, organisation and pastoral practice, justified from Scripture the code of male entitlement to dominance and authority and the relegation of the female to subordination and submission.

Since men are the perpetrators of domestic violence, the onus is on men in the Church to take ownership and leadership in bringing about a transformation in the attitudes and conduct of men.   There are already actions, by men in the community, at the national and state level, who are advocating against domestic violence.

At a meeting on 16 May 2016 at Canberra City  Uniting Church, a group of concerned men undertook to explore areas for action.  As one initiative, the group decided to establish a website page on the Canberra City Uniting Church website.  This page contains links to a number of resources:

Presentation on 16  May 2016

Relevant Websites

    Download a document with a selection of websites relevant to violence against women
    and the church’s response

Share a Prayer

Forum on 18 June 2016

    An Ecumenical Domestic Violence Forum was held at the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture on 18 June 2016
    For more details

A Uniting Church Resource Website

    The Uniting Church in South Australia has developed a valuable resource website on domestic violence. Visit the website

For such a time as this

Ror_Such_A_TImeThe Canberra Region Presbytery has published a collections of reflections for healing and hope written by Ranjini Wickramaratne-Rebera. The series of 29 one page reflections draw attention to many forms of family and domestic violence

For more information or to request a copy of the booklet please visit  the
Canberra Region Presbytery web site.

National Press Club: Ending the Violence in Indigenous Communities

A the National Press Club on 17 November 2016 three outspoken & fearless Aboriginal women: Professor Marcia  Langton, Councillor Jacinta Price & lawyer/businesswomen Josephine  Cashman spoke on the topic Ending the Violence in Indigenous  Communities.

You can access a video of the presentation on the ABC website at: